Rancho Santa Fe
(626) 247-1343

Tanguy was born and raised in a city call Lille, in North of France, with 2 siblings. Playing a lot of tennis in competition, he learned to fight for what he wants and not let it go! He graduated a bachelor’s in international Tourism Management in Paris and then moved to Los Angeles and graduated an MBA degree in the same field. After his graduation, Tanguy worked a few years in various luxury hotels and restaurants in LA such as the Peninsula in Beverly Hills.

He relocated to San Diego in January with the idea of doing the same thing he’s always loved best: Helping people to get what they want, with the best service possible; But this time, it will be in Real Estate! That’s when he decided to join our team at Q1 Real Estate!
Thanks to his ability to develop relationships with his community, Tanguy has a considerable amount of pocket listings, especially in Rancho Santa Fe, and the Cielo Gated community.

So, if you are interested in hearing about great off-market deals, or simply wants to list/find a home in San Diego, call Tanguy anytime at the (626) 247-1343. As in all the things he likes to do, Tanguy aims to provide the highest level and quality of service for his clients and takes a deep pride in helping them achieve their real estate goals.