Ariana Cohen

Ariana Alexa Cohen is the Media Consultant for Q1 Real Estate in Rancho Santa Fe. She creates all videos, podcasts, social media and other creative content for the firm and its real estate agents.

Ariana founded her own company, The A-List, a multimedia consulting agency. Ariana is a 3x Emmy winning former TV News Anchor/Reporter. She’s worked across the country in Kansas, Washington and Tennessee. Highlights from her career include reporting from the red carpet interviewing celebrities at the Grammy’s and the Academy Awards in Los Angeles.

Ariana grew up in San Diego and went to high school nearby at Torrey Pines. She graduated from the University of Kansas, studied abroad in Italy and has travelled to more than 15 countries.

If you need a video for a real estate home, contact Ariana at The A-List can also provide video and creative services at