Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we want you and other bidders to know what is being bid.

No, Just request manual approval from the listing agent and begin bidding right away.  Also our agent’s or your agent can get approved and bid on your behalf as well.

Note: Buyer will have to supply proof of funds and a pre-qual letter prior to approval.

Yes, Either yours or our in house agents. Buying a home is a complex transaction.  Having a agent will help you get a successful purchase.

Allows you to bid with confidence when you know what others bidders are bidding for the same property.

The Buyer’s Premium is a fee paid by the Buyer.  The amount is a percentage of the sales price and is added to the winning bid which establishes the final sales price.  Winning Bid + Buyer’s Premium = Sales Price

Your agent will have to add “Terms, conditions and how to bid” Discloser Form from Q1 Real Estate in addition to your standard California association of realtor forms.

You will get a email from Q1 Real Estate alerting you being outbid on the website.

No, Seller has the right to accept, counter or reject any bid.

Contact: Q1 Real Estate


Phone: (858) 756-0048

or contact individual agent listed on the auction.